CALD Inclusivity Volunteer / LGBQTI Inclusivity

Organisation: Macarthur Disability Services Ltd
Time Commitment:  Monday to Friday, flexible
Location(s): Bowral, Camden, Campbelltown, Tahmmor, Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool.

Position Description: 
These positions support SWS Recovery College Expert Panel and staff, working alongside the Peer Trainer/Tutors.

The position follows team processes and procedures and provides an opportunity to undertake program activities including attending Inclusivity Group meetings and completing actions in liaison with Manager and Peer Trainers. Actions may include (but are not limited to) research, developing resources, reviewing training and making improvements.   
Hours can be negotiated between 2-15 hours per week (depending on program needs and volunteer availability).

Contact Macarthur Disability Services to view a Duty Statement that outlines the skills/knowledge and qualifications required for the roles

Contact: Megan How
Phone: 0421 913 766