Strategies under Review

Local Housing Strategy

Future residential development scenario for Fairfield City

The State Government’s Western City District Plan highlights how Sydney’s growth will be accommodated in the region.

The District Plan requires Councils to prepare a Local Housing Strategy.

For areas close to public transport (railway stations), services and facilities, an investigation for areas most suited for future redevelopment has been undertaken. 

Community consultation and engagement will form part of the Local Housing Strategy process which is anticipated to occur in late 2020/early 2021.

Council’s Outcomes Committee on 8 September 2020 considered a confidential report on the Draft Local Housing Strategy.  

Contact Council’s Customer Service Team for more information on 9725 0222.

Biodiversity Strategy

The Biodiversity Strategy(PDF, 1MB) is a supporting document used in preparation of Fairfield Local Environmental Plan 2013, identifying the key areas in the City that have native vegetation and allocating a classification based upon the conservation value of the individual locations.

This information has been collated into a map that identifies those areas of the City that have some level of conservation value.

Open Space Strategy

The aims of the 2007 Open Space Strategy(PDF, 1MB) are to:

  • Provide a commentary on the progress of implementation of the 1999 Open Space Strategy
  • Identify new strategies for ongoing planning, design and management of open space
  • Identify new priorities for open space management
  • Inform the review of Council’s Section 94 Contributions Plan, and
  • Provide an acquisition and disposal rationale for land parcels for open space.

Contact Council’s Customer Service Team for more information on 9725 0222.