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Fairstart Early Intervention offers specialist support for children with a disability or developmental delay. The service equips parents and families with the knowledge and skills to improve the development and well being of their child. Services include speech pathology and occupational therapy.

Our occupational Therapists work with children who have difficulties performing every-day activities.

Every-day activities include self-care tasks such as toileting, dressing and feeding as well other tasks such as handwriting, following instructions and playing with peers. Occupational Therapists help to support a child’s development to engage in these meaningful activities, such as by developing motor skills, attention as well as addressing sensory issues. For example:

  • Motor skills - developing fine motor skills (e.g. pencil grasp), gross motor skills (e.g. running and climbing) and postural control (e.g. sitting at a table to complete a task);
  • Attention - starting, finishing and sustaining attention to tasks; and
  • Sensory issues - supporting a child to develop tolerance towards hair-brushing/hair cut, loud noises, textures, food sensitivities

If you have difficulties accessing our services in person, we also provide online video therapy. You can learn more about it on our Telehealth page.


Fairstart Early Intervention is a registered NDIS provider.

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