Fairfield Park

Climbing nets and slides over the sand pit at Fairfield Adventure Park

Includes amenities building, accessible toilet, car park, playground, outdoor gym equipment (obstacle course), cricket pitch. Fairfield Park Tennis Complex is also located on Lawson Street, next to Fairfield Leisure Centre.


Enjoy our Obstacle Course

Fitness lovers and those wanting to enjoy the outdoors will love our iconic public Obstacle Course and treetop walk.

The Obstacle Course is an exciting element to the park, which also encompasses the Adventure Park, Youth and Community Centre and Fairfield Leisure Centre. 

The boot camp-style course can be used for enjoyment as well as getting healthy and active.

The Obstacle Course covers an area of about 7,500 square metres and has more than a dozen elements designed to challenge fitness, strength, balance and concentration, such as a mound with a tyre steps climb designed to test physical strength and all-round fitness, timber sleeper steps, rope climb and a tough timber climb.

Completing the treetop walk are two 20-metre flying foxes to take you back to the ground.


Tennis Courts

Five hard courts and five grass courts available for hire.

Click here to book a Tennis Court

For more information please see the tabs below.

Where is Fairfield Tennis Courts located?

Fairfield Tennis Courts are located  Lawson Street, Fairfield. Courts can also be accessed from Ulverstone Street or alternatively park at Fairfield Leisure Centre/ Adventure Park and walk through the park to access the tennis courts.


What court number is each court

Aerial photograph showing arrangement of 10 tennis courts

Can I make a booking in person at the Tennis Courts?

The courts are available to be booked through the online booking solution. This can be completed through the use of the QR code located on the gates to the facility or clicking on the link on Councils web page. No one is available at the courts to make a booking for you.


What time are bookings available for the courts

The courts are available for use 8:00am - 10:00pm Monday to Sunday every day of the year.


Can I play on the courts when it is raining?

Yes, the courts are all weather use, and can be used in all weather conditions.


Can I cancel or modify my booking once it has been made?

No, once the booking has been made, there are no changes or cancellations of the booking.


How do I retrieve my ball from the other court?

If the court is not in use, you can access the other court to obtain your tennis ball.

What do I do if I have forgotten my PIN

If you are unable to locate your SMS or email for your booking, please contact Council on 9725 0222 Monday- Friday 8:30am- 4:30pm prior to your booking.


If I want to extend my booking, what do I need to do?

Please create a new booking online through our website. 


When I search the online booking system there is no bookings available

Unfortunately there are no bookings available for the time and day that you are looking for, please search for another day or time for availability.


I am having issues creating a booking through the online booking system

If you have troubles creating a booking online, please contact our customer service team who can support you in making the booking online.


I have received a PIN, how do I access the courts

When you arrive for your booking, you must enter your PIN into the PIN pad located next to the gate, once you have entered your PIN please press the # key and the gate will unlock.


How many people can attend a booking

Usually groups will play with no more than 4 people on the court, but there is no maximum number of users participating on the court surface, and there is no maximum number of spectators entering the facility to support the booking. Your booking only entitles you to play on the court that has been booked. 





14-20 Lawson St, Fairfield 2165  View Map

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