Enviro Bootcamp 2021

Gallah in a tree

The popular annual Enviro Bootcamp is fully online this year! Due to the current lockdown, Council have developed a workbook with activities ranging from propagation,  waste & recycling and getting out into nature that you can enjoy with your family at home.

The 2021 Fairfield City Council Enviro Bootcamp Information and Activity Book is prepared by the Waste Strategy and Sustainability branch. Whilst all care has been taken to ensure these activities can be completed in a COVID safe manner, please make sure you are following the latest official health advice from the NSW Government when completing the activities in the book. 

Click here to download the complete 2021 Enviro Bootcamp – Information and Activity Booklet(PDF, 5MB)

If you would like to download each chapter of the booklet, please click on the links below:

2021 Enviro Bootcamp – Chapter 1 – In the Night Sky(PDF, 560KB)

2021 Enviro Bootcamp – Chapter 2 – Propagation and Composting(PDF, 856KB)

2021 Enviro Bootcamp – Chapter 3 – Recycled Art(PDF, 810KB)

2021 Enviro Bootcamp – Chapter 4 – Flora and Fauna(PDF, 2MB)

2021 Enviro Bootcamp – Chapter 5 – Waste Hero Challenge(PDF, 1MB)

Please share with us your favourite activities, photos and any other feedback or improvements for this program to environment@fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au. Your feedback will be very helpful in helping us know what our community enjoyed and areas for improvement for our program going forward.