Green waste bin survey

Mayor Frank Carbone standing with three types of bins - a green lidded bin for green waste, a yellow lidded bin for recycling and a red lidded bin for waste

A message from Mayor Frank Carbone

I receive a lot of enquiries from residents wanting the option of a green waste bin in addition to the red waste bin and yellow recycling bin. 

Council's current waste contract finishes in 2025. We are currently planning our future waste services and want to hear from you.

We want to consult with the community about the new waste delivery service. We want to know if you support the proposal for every household to receive a 240L bin for green waste in addition to the current 240L waste bin (red lid) and the 240L recycling bin (yellow bin). 

I encourage you to have your say about whether you want our City to add a green waste bin to our waste service from 2025.  

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