Bring It On! Festival 2022 Food Trucks

A full list of food trucks available at Bring It On! Festival 2022 are listed below.

  • Chicken Theatre -The Polar Express Schnity; How to Train Your Dragon Schnitzel; Raiders of The Lost Schnity; E.T - The Extra Tenderloin; Schnitys of The Galaxy; and Chips.
  • The Fat Leb - Haloumi; Falafel; Chicken; Lamb; Adana; Mediterranean Seasoned Chips; and Traditional Lebanese Coffee.
  • You Pizza - Supreme; Hawaiian; BBQ Chicken; BBQ Meat Lovers; Vegetarian; Margherita, Pesto Chicken; Sicilian, Diavola, Cheese and Garlic; Capri; and Pepperoni.
  • Bar Coco - Espresso Coffee; Tea; Hot Chocolate; Ice Cream; Slushies; Milk Shakes; Waffles on a stick; Confectionery; and Spiders.
  • QB - Smoky Beef Brisket Bowl; Curry Chicken; and Vegetable Roti.