Re-Illuminate - Accessibility Information

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is available at Fairfield Showground (subject to availability). There are a total of 16 accessible parking spaces.

Drop off zone is available at the entrance from Smithfield Road. Please ensure that you display your Mobility Parking Scheme Permit on your dashboard.

Mobility Parking Scheme

If you hold a mobility parking scheme permit, you can enjoy free parking for a certain period of time in designated parking zones.

The concessions for mobility parking permit holders are shown below:

  • Where parking is limited to more than 30 minutes, the permit holder can park for unlimited time.
  • Where the parking is limited to 30 minutes, the permit holder can park for two hours; and
  • Where the parking is limited to less than 30 minutes, the permit holder can park for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Mobility parking scheme permits do not allow a vehicle to stand or park in areas signposted:

  • No stopping
  • Taxi zone
  • Bus zone
  • Loading zone
  • Work zone
  • Clearway.

Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets (larger, wider cubicle with door opening outwards) are available in designated areas. Designated accessible toilets are located as follows;

  • Parkland Function Centre. 

Drop Off Zone

Patrons can organise to be dropped off and picked up in existing ‘No Parking’ pick up and set down area located near the entrance of Gate 2.

Drivers are permitted to stop for up to 2 minutes to drop off or pick up passengers or goods in areas signposted as ‘No Parking’. However, when staying in the ‘No Parking’ zone, drivers must remain within 3 metres of their vehicle.

Guide Dogs and Service Animals

Guide dogs and service animals are welcome to attend the event but we would ask they display their identification badge or medallion at all times. Due to the nature of the event, please consider whether your dog/service animal will be comfortable with crowds and noise. You might consider the use of an alternative aid if attending the event.

Quieter Areas

Whilst everyone is welcome to attend the event, if you prefer less people, the quieter area of the event are under the large awning or the outskirts of the sports field.

The event is a fun place to be with a hive of activity, however we understand that some families supporting people with a disability, may have to plan their day more carefully to ensure there are some quiet time and space to relax.

We understand that some people with physical disabilities requiring a wheel chair, or people suffering invisible disabilities such as autism may find the environment more challenging.

We encourage Carers to bring their own noise cancellation headphones, ear plugs or devices to help people who are unable to cope with the noise generated at busy places and from amusement rides.

Public Transport

Accessible trips are shown in the Trip Planner with the wheelchair icon.  You can select “accessible services only” in the Options to ensure you only see accessible services and only plan trips with accessible train platforms, ferry wharves and buses will be presented.  See accessible travel or download a transport app (select the “Accessibility” filter).

Accessible and Special Needs

If you have any accessible or special requirements, please contact the Major Events Team by one of the following methods: