Green boulevards for our City

Published on 10 June 2020

Mayor's blog image

Trees and shade make our suburbs cooler, making hot summers more bearable. They provide homes and shelter for birds and other small wildlife, and reduce erosion along our roads and waterways.

Tree-lined streets are welcoming for residents and visitors to our City. Residents may have noticed that we have planted trees along Smithfield Road, at Edensor Road and also at Richards Road. They will provide a welcoming boulevard for drivers and is part of Council's plan to beautify the main gateways of our City.

We've been careful choosing the right tree for the right location. On Smithfield Road we have planted jacarandas, Manchurian pears and Queensland box trees, as they are not close to houses and will grow to look amazing along the roadside.

Water gums, crepe myrtle, Manchurian pears and bottle brush will be planted along some of other our major roads, including River Avenue, Villawood; Hollywood Drive, Lansvale; Nelson Street, Fairfield; and Polding Street, Wetherill Park. Some of these trees will be planted near our suburb banners and we are looking at installing uplighting for these trees so they can be enjoyed day and night.

We are also growing mini Bland Oaks from acorns collected from our iconic Bland Oak at Carramar. These trees can last up to 300 years and planting new ones will make sure that this historic tree can be enjoyed by everyone in the City for many generations to come.

These mini Bland Oaks will need to be planted in large open spaces close to water. We'd love to hear where you think we should plant them. Let me know what you think.