Keeping our City safe

As your Mayor, and a long-time resident of this City, I understand the importance of all residents feeling safe in our community.

In Fairfield City, we are very fortunate to be able to work so closely with the local police force. While law enforcement remains the responsibility of the NSW Police Force and the state government, Council has over the last few years rolled out and upgraded our CCTV network as an added measure to assist police and make sure our residents feel safe.

This million-dollar network of high quality fixed and mobile CCTV cameras is placed in strategic locations within our city centres and community spaces. It is there to monitor not just criminal activities, but also illegal dumping.

Council places a high value on our community’s privacy so we only share the footage with police, and only when necessary. Sharing the footage with police leads to quicker arrests and safer streets.

The success of our CCTV network also means that the cameras act as a deterrent, making streets even safer.

Fairfield City is a great place to live, visit and raise a family. We are working with police to ensure it is also a safe City. It is important that everyone remains vigilant, no matter where they live and report any concerns they have to the police.

Every resident and visitor in Fairfield City has the right to feel safe on our streets. We know that this is important to you. Council will continue to work closely with local police and support the continued upkeep and expansion of our CCTV camera network so that you can feel safe.

Mayor Carbone in Fairfield City Centre with policeman

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The Mayor's weekly message to residents and ratepayers of Fairfield City.

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