Online forms: Change in Category of Land for Rating Purposes Form

Non- Rateability Checklist

When applying for Non-Rateability the following applicable documents, the ones that apply to your specific application, MUST be forwarded with your request as supporting documents.

  • Any deed or trust establishing the Organisation.
  • Copy of Articles of Association applicable to the Organisation.
  • Copy of Certificate of Exemption from the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Full details of the use of the property.
  • Details of any lease, rent, fees, etc. applicable to the property.
  • Which section of the Local Government Act the request for non-rateability is being sought.
  • In case of “Place of Worship” Council DA Approval must be current to complete the Application for Change in Category of Land.
  • A minister’s/priest’s residence: Certificate of Ordination of becoming a priest/minister.
  • Copy of driver’s licence: Priest/minister showing they live at property requesting the non-rateability category.