Council Ward Boundaries

Proposed Ward Boundary Changes for Fairfield City Council

New Ward Map

Fairfield City Council resolved at its 26 March 2019 meeting to reduce the number of Council wards from 3 to 2, with the ward names to be Parks and Fairfield/Cabravale.

The number of overall councillors will not be reduced. There will be 6 councillors per ward plus a popularly-elected Mayor.

You can read the report to Council here

For further information you can read the Extract Council minutes below:
February 2019 minutes  March 2019 minutes  May 2019 minutes

Council has consulted with the Australian Electoral Commission in accordance with the Local Government Act, and they have approved the ward boundary changes to be placed on exhibition for community feedback.

The ward boundary map will be on public exhibition from 21 August to 18 September 2019. Submissions will be accepted until 4.30pm on 2 October 2019.

You are invited to have your say on the proposed new ward boundaries by completing the feedback form. You can also email or mail PO Box 21 Fairfield 1860

Complete the Council Ward Boundaries Feedback Form

Submissions should be addressed as:

Ward Boundaries
City Manager
Fairfield City Council

For further information contact Council’s Manager Governance and Legal, Sonja Drca on 9725 0226.

Following the consultation period, a further report will go to Council and the decision on ward boundaries will be published in public notices of local newspapers.