Community Services and Support

Cover of Community Services Guide

Can't find the community services you are looking for?

Beyond Council, there are a lot of other organisations which offer community services to local residents. To help you find these services we have compiled a Community Services guide.

The guide covers a wide range of community services from disability support to legal services to settlement services and much more.

Download the 2020 Community Services Guide(PDF, 2MB)

If you would like a printed copy please email with your details.

The Low Cost and Free Meals Directory lists a range of organisations providing cheap/free food options.  

Categories offered include low cost or free meals, hampers and community pantry. 

Download the Low Cost and Free Meals Directory (PDF, 120KB)

The Fairfield City Support Card provides the details of key services that are providing relief services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Download the 2022 Sport, Recreation and Leisure Activities for People with Disability Directory(PDF, 5MB)