Parking fines and infringements

Parking Sign featuring a large white letter P on a blue background


Parking and traffic laws apply throughout the Fairfield City Council area to ensure the safe and fair use of roads for everyone's benefit.

Parking restrictions are in place and enforced to improve public safety, to fairly allocate and ration parking spaces, and to improve amenity for residents and visitors.

Council's Community Enforcement Officers and Parking Enforcement Officers (Authorised Officers) issue infringement notices for on-street parking offences where breaches of the Road Rules 2014 are detected.

Where an Authorised Officer observes a motor vehicle parked in an illegal position or dangerous position, or both, they may issue a Parking Infringement Notice (PIN) and, if possible, find the driver and instruct them to move the motor vehicle immediately.

School Zones

Motor vehicles parked illegally in a School Zone will not be afforded any discretion if it is clear that an offence has been committed.

Fairfield City Council is committed to promoting a safe environment at schools for children and parents.

Incorrect parking puts pedestrians at risk and could lead to fines and a loss of demerit points. Police and Council Rangers enforce parking regulations in School Zones and across the entire City. Council Community Enforcement officers, Parking Enforcement Officers and police patrol schools and enforce provisions of the Road Rules 2008.

Footpath Parking and Obstructions

Placing vehicles and other items on the footpath is dangerous to pedestrians as well as being illegal.

Council Officers respond to complaints and take action against people who place vehicles and other items on the footpath area. This includes business areas as well as residential streets.

Approval must be sought from Council before any item can be placed on a footpath.

A frames will not be approved as they are illegal if placed on footpath or roadway.

Review of parking fines

Fairfield City Council has a contractual agreement with Revenue NSW to review all disputes for penalty infringement notices issued by Council. Download the BP Standardised Revenue(PDF, 119KB) for more information on paying a fine. 

As Council is the issuing authority it is inappropriate for us to review disputes and all such matters must be referred to Revenue NSW. Information can be obtained from their website.

Revenue NSW is able to put a “hold” on the penalty notice and may contact Council for further information, such as clarification of notes, or photographs of the alleged offence. They will then make a decision on the review and contact the client in writing.

Council will not directly review any penalty infringement notices.

Fairfield City Council does have a process where photographs of parking offences may be requested by the registered owner of the vehicle, but this is a “service” supplied by Council and is separate from the review process.