Multicultural Community


Fairfield City is one of the most multicultural cities in Australia. We have more than 209,000 residents from a broad range of backgrounds. There are more than 120 languages spoken across our City, with 71 percent of people speaking a language other than English at home and more than 50 percent of our community born overseas.

We work closely with the Multicultural Advisory Committee and Fairfield Multicultural Interagency to ensure programs and activities are developed that promote access and equity for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD).

For more information, please contact the Social Planning and Community Development team on 9725 0222 or email

Refugee Support

We are a refugee welcome zone.

Refugee Welcome Zones are an initiative of the Refugee Council of Australia, Australia's peak refugee support organisation.

The purpose of the Refugee Welcome Zones is to enable councils to declare that they welcome refugees into their area, to celebrate the diversity of refugees and cultures in their midst and to acknowledge the importance of upholding the rights of human refugees who have escaped persecution.

Fairfield City will always welcome new humanitarian arrivals and celebrate our diversity. However, we also need to ensure there are adequate facilities and services for our whole community. We need to continue building on our social, cultural, commercial and environmental strengths.

The community vision, identified in our Fairfield City Plan is that “We are Fairfield City - a welcoming, safe and diverse community where we are proud to belong, invest and prosper.” We want our new arrivals and existing community to succeed, together.


Council partners with two committees that oversee multicultural community issues.

Multicultural Advisory Committee

Council’s Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) aims to provide informed strategic advice and make recommendations to Council on issues affecting the multicultural communities in Fairfield Local Government Area. It is also a mechanism for consultation to develop ways in which Council’s services and other local information can be more accessible to multicultural communities.

Fairfield Multicultural Interagency

We are also a member of the Fairfield Multicultural Interagency (FMI), which addresses the settlement needs and other issues of migrants and refugees living in Fairfield City.

FMI is comprised of more than 190 member agencies from local ethnic groups, neighbourhood centres and government and non-government organisations. At monthly meetings, FMI members discuss issues, propose strategies to improve client services and actively represent the needs of people from CALD backgrounds.

Through FMI, Council works collaboratively with other agencies to ensure a supportive environment, equity in decision-making among all members, and opportunities for members to build stronger partnerships and networks.

Events and Celebrations

Council supports local organisations with events that encourage community participation and cohesion.

Refugee Week

Refugee Week is Australia’s peak annual activity to raise awareness about the issues affecting refugees and celebrate the positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. Each year Council enters into partnership with local agencies to celebrate this event.

Harmony Week

Since 1999, Harmony Day has been celebrated on 21 March. In 2019 the event was renamed Harmony Week to recognise diversity and inclusion activities that take place during the entire week. Council hosts the Living Cultures Festival at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery in recognition of Harmony Day every year.