Gambling Harm Videos

Woman reading something on her phone

Fairfield City Council, alongside our community partners have been developing different resources to educate the community in new and creative ways. The videos below have been developed in collaboration with local residents and community organisations. 





Screenshot of the Responsible Gambling Community of Practice Facilitation Project film



Click here to watch the "Young People and Gambling Harm" video



Screenshot of the Let's Talk Gambling film



Click here to watch Kamikaze’s "Gambling Harm Rap"



Screenshot of opening scene of a YouTube video with a man sitting on a white lounge with his head down and arms resting on his legs with hands closed together




Click here to watch "Losing it All"


Screenshot of YouTube video with birds eye view of streets, homes and train line



Click here to watch "Know Your Limit – Online Gambling"






Other places to view videos about gambling harm: