Fairfield Golf Course Detention Basin Upgrade

  • Project typeDetention basin
  • Completion Date31 May 2023
Illustration of rain falling in a creek across the road from houses

The Fairfield Golf Course Detention Basin is one of 19 flood detention basins owned by Fairfield City Council and is located within the Fairfield Golf Course and Fairfield Showground sites.

Due to the age of the basin, the works are necessary to ensure:

  • A higher level of flood protection to the local community
  • Its structural integrity in large flood events
  • It has functional and operational longevity into the future.

    The type of works that will be carried out on site as part of the Fairfield Golf Course Detention Basin upgrade are:

  • A full reconstruction of the existing detention basin embankment and spillway along its 940m length
  • Raising the minimum embankment level
  • Reconstruction of a new access road, cycleway and footpath, plus construction of 27 new car parking spaces
  • Landscaping and turfing of the embankment and adjacent areas.

The Fairfield Golf Course will remain open, however the driving range has been removed as part of the detention basin re-construction works.

Construction is scheduled for completion in May 2023.

Map of Detention Basin. The map is accompanied by a legend and the map is described in detail below under the 'About the Location of the Detention Basin' heading



About the Location of the Detention Basin

The detention basin stretches from Orphan School Creek, past Fairfield City Show Ground and then alongside a stretch of Smithfield Road, opposite Mary MacKillop College.


Find out more about the Fairfield Golf Course Detention Basin Upgrade here.


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