lab.LX and lab.LX STEAM

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A place to experience virtual reality and the latest tech gadgets.

lab.LX is an experimental media space for inventors, entrepreneurs, and the curious who want to play with and understand the technology or create digital content and products. 

lab.LX is located in Whitlam Library Cabramatta and its key features include:

  • Virtual reality, coding, and HP Z240 Series gaming PCs
  • Robots and bots
  • Educational and creative classes
  • The use of 3D scanner and 3D printer (fees and charges apply)

lab.LX Programs 

  Two robots with red and blue lights sitting on a table at Lab.LX in Whitlam Library      Man instructing virtual reality activity to a young person wearing head set and hand controllers






A place to experience and learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

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lab.LX STEAM is a transformed space at Bonnyrigg Library that houses a technology and creative space that provides skills and education for our current and future young workforce. It will be a catalyst supporting trade opportunities in areas such as Innovation, Manufacturing, Robotics and Science Technology.

          Bonnyrigg Library staff member on a computer in the lab.LX STEAM space

                                                       lab.LX STEAM Programs


M. 0438 257 838 T. 9725 0323

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Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm
Available for private bookings