Capture Fairfield - Visual Arts and Photography Competition

 Capture Fairfield Visual Arts & Photography competition 2022 featuring artwork of magpies singing by Louise DeMarco Jelavic

2022 competition winners announced!

Council's Capture Fairfield Visual Arts & Photography Competition is held annually. The competition aims to showcase local talent and promote the culture and character of our City. 

Each year the competition builds from strength to strength and this year was no exception. 

Judges made their selection based on the skill, strong visual appeal and response to this year's 'Love Where You Live -Support, Protect and Explore' theme. The quality of the entries was impressive and Council extends their gratitude to everyone who entered.

Photography category winners


  1. Maci McLintock - 'Sky Bloom' (Representative of Bossley Park Public School)
  2. Lisa Lamiro  - 'Path to the Sky'
  3. Mahmoud Ali - 'Sun(flower) Rise'


  1. George Bazoon - 'Flashing Lights' (Representative of Patrician Brothers' Catholic College)
  2. Grace Dinh - 'Collection of Rains'
  3. Nathan Gerolimatos - 'Reminiscent Railway' 


  1. Le Loc Nguyen - 'Happy Ending' 
  2. Martin Ratcliff - 'Devoted Fairfield Couple'
  3. Patrizia Zeppieri - 'Working from Home'

Visual Arts category winners


  1. Angelina Bui - 'Diversity Makes Us Strong' (Representative of St Johns Park Primary School)
  2. Degan Pearn - 'Horsley Park, My Heart, My Home'
  3. Angelina Huynh - 'The Fairfield Special'


  1. Lilian Meli - 'Welcome to our City' (Representative of Fairfield High School)
  2. Tiffany Pao - 'Arc)
  3. Timmy Le - 'The Bland Oak Tree'


  1. Melvy Connell - 'Landscape 1'
  2. Svetlana Panov - 'Curiosities from Orphan School Creek'
  3. Diane Yousef - 'Lockdown Shuffle'

Waste to Art category winners

First place

Horsley Park Public School, Class 3-4 Rizzardo - 'Fruit and Vegetable Farm'

Second place

Marion Catholic Primary School Horsley Park, Year 3-6 Garden Club - 'Love our Country, Love our City'

Third place

Fairvale Public School, Class 4 Jellyfish - 'Keep Australia Waste Free'



2022 Capture Fairfield entries