Council Elections


Local Government Elections are a chance for you to have your say and elect a Council which represents you. As a resident, here is what you need to know.

2020 Council Elections Update

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NSW Government has determined to postpone the September 2020 Local Government elections to Saturday 4 September 2021. This decision is necessary to ensure the health and safety of voters, electoral staff and election.

The current Mayor and Councillors will continue to hold civic office until the ordinary election is held in September 2021.

We will update this page as more information is made available.

When are Local Government Elections held?

Under the Local Government Act 1993, Council elections are held on the second Saturday in September every four years.

The next Local Government election will be in September 2021. 

We will update this page as more information is made available.

How are Local Government Elections conducted?

Councils have two options for conducting their elections:

  1. The NSW Electoral Commission
  2. An electoral services provider

Fairfield City Council determined on Tuesday 6 August 2019 that an electoral services provider will be conducting its elections in September 2020. The Council resolution is as follows:


  1. In light of the changes to legislation, Council engage an electoral services provider to administer the Local Government Elections for 2020.
  2. It be noted that, at this time, the City Manager has not identified an electoral services provider to be engaged for the Local Government Elections for 2020, as expressions of interest have only recently closed.

Further, Council determined on 22 October 2019 to enter into a contract for the provision of the next elections with the Australian Election Company.

How the Result is Declared

At the close of polling, staff at the polling place conduct an initial count of votes. They record the results before transferring the ballot papers to a central counting area to check and record votes again. Postal votes, pre-poll votes, votes from Declared Institutions (hospitals and nursing homes) are also added to the tallies to determine the final result.

The Elections Manager will give approval for the Returning Officer to declare the final results of the election.

Council publishes election results:

  • On this website;
  • At its Administration Centre;
  • In the local newspapers.

After the Election

After each Local Government election, the Office of Local Government surveys all councils. A report provides information about the representation of the community on local councils. The report identifies:

  • Councillors and candidate demographics such as gender, age and experience
  • Election trends over time

Past Election Results