Senior Staff

Portrait of Director Corporate Governance, Brad Cutts

General Manager

Bradley Cutts

Bradley has been a member of Fairfield City Council’s executive team for over 14 years, including as Chief Financial Officer and most recently as Director Corporate Governance. He was appointed to the General Manager position in September 2022.

As part of the executive team Bradley has led and managed large projects and programs of works successfully, including as acting General Manager through the difficult COVID-19 lockdown period. He is proud that during this time Council provided continuity of service to the community, redeploying staff to food and care programs and implementing the Mayoral Wellbeing program, while remaining financially stable.

Bradley was part of the executive team that led the Fit for the Future submission to remain as a standalone council and avoid amalgamation. He also represents Fairfield City Council on the City Deal, ensuring appropriate action on Liveability Funding, Digital Action Plan and Smart Cities Grants.

Bradley’s focus is on strategic organisational priorities and ensuring the delivery of Council’s commitments to the community as identified in the Delivery Program, as well as responding to regional and industry issues.

Prior to his time at Fairfield City Council, Bradley held various positions across government and private enterprise.

Bradley has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants (FCPA).

Deputy General Manager (City Management)

Rhonda Tyne

Portrait of Director Community Outcomes, Rhonda Tyne

In collaboration with the General Manager, the Deputy General Manager guides the development of Council’s strategic direction and are responsible for the relationship between the elected Council and the organisation. 

The Deputy General Manager's focus is strategic organisational priorities, ensuring the delivery of Council’s commitments to the community as identified in the Delivery Program, a number of nominated strategic issues and responding to regional and industry issues. 

The Deputy General Manager's role requires a commitment to Council’s values and reputation, effective internal and external collaboration, political awareness, strategic thinking and visionary leadership.

The Deputy General Manager is also appointed as Public Officer.

Public Officer 

 The Public Officer may:

  • Deal with public requests concerning Council's policies and procedures 
  • Assist people to gain access to Council’s publicly available documents  
  • Accept service of documents on behalf of the Council 
  • Represent Council in any legal or other proceedings 

Enquiries should be addressed as follows: 

Rhonda Tyne
Public Officer
Phone: 9725 0897
Mail PO Box 21 Fairfield NSW 1860