Work Zone Permits

A “Works Zone” is to allow people who engaged in construction work in or near the zone to park at the construction site. Under NSW Road Rules, a driver must not stop in a works zone unless the driver is driving a vehicle that is:

  • engaged in construction work in or near the zone, or
  • dropping off, or picking up, passengers.

There are some local roads where work zones are not viable because of the high volume of pedestrian traffic and on-street car parking generation; for example, John Street Cabramatta. 


The process of installing a Works Zone on a local road may take around 6-7 weeks to complete:

  • Investigation – 1 week
  • Consultation – 2 weeks
  • Approval process (Fairfield City Council Traffic Committee, under delegated authority) – 2-3 weeks
  • Installation of Works Zone signs – 1 week.

Community engagement

The installation of a works zone on a local road for a longer period of time when compared to the Road Occupancy Permit Application requires community support and approval from the Fairfield City Council Traffic Committee.

The approval will also depend on the type of vehicles it is intended to accommodate and its potential impacts on the affected stakeholders. If there are objections raised during the consultation process, those may need to be resolved as part of the approval process. Any objections that cannot be resolved would delay the determination process.

Information from applicants

Information from the applicant is required as part of the assessment prior to the commencement of the consultation process with the affected stakeholders:

  • The anticipated start and end date for the installation of the “Works Zone” for the duration of the construction works
  • The type of vehicles and the largest vehicle which are expected to use the “Works Zone”
  • Agreement with the installation and operation costs of the “Works Zone”. Council’s fees and charges cover the cost of installing and operating a “Works Zone” being: a non-refundable application fee, a rate per metre length per week (operations of the “Works Zone”). Refer to Council’s current fees and charges.

Alternative arrangements

If the provision of “Works Zone” is not a favourable option, the applicant may need to consider the option to apply for a Road Occupancy Permit to carry out the urgent works. This will allow construction vehicles to carry out certain activities on local roads under the supervision of Transport for NSW Accredited Traffic Controllers whenever the work area is required.