Fairfield City Centres Study and Policy 2015

Council at its Outcomes Committee Meeting of Tuesday 9 February 2016 resolved to adopt the Fairfield City Centres Study 2015 and associated Fairfield City Centres Policy 2015.

The Study and Policy aim to promote the future economic well-being of Fairfield City and include a new centres hierarchy and strategic recommendations that will assist Council to confidently deal with existing and future development and planning proposals.

The Fairfield City Centres Study and Centres Policy 2015 came into effect on the date of their adoption by Council (i.e. Tuesday 9 February 2016) and replace the Fairfield City Retail and Commercial Centres Study 2005 and Retail and Commercial Centres/Activities Policy (2006), both of which were repealed on that day.

Please contact Council's Customer Service team on 9725 0222 for more information.