Fairfield Showground Redevelopment

  • Project typeRedeveloping Fairfield Showground into a modern sporting and cultural hub for high level sports, community cultural festivals and major events
  • Project scheduleConstruction commenced in 2018 and is ongoing
Fairfield Showground grandstand pavilion sign

Fairfield Showground has been redeveloped into a modern sporting and cultural hub for high level sports, community cultural festivals and major events.

The redevelopment has opened the Showground up to the community by providing facilities and programs relevant to the community while being regional significant.  

The festival arena and covered festival space, as well as the turf and synthetic football fields are now completed. This included lighting upgrades to 750 lux with the capacity to upgrade to 1750 lux at a later date.

The multi purpose amenities building, feature lighting, Fairfield Memory Walk pavers, off leash dog park and installation of a People's Globe is complete The People's Globe celebrates our City's multicultural heritage at the main entrance to the Showground on Smithfield Road.

Construction works has been completed on installing paths around the complex, as well as the completion of a fun, new playground and splash pad play area for children of all abilities at Deerbush Park.

The new playground features a flying fox, wheelchair-accessible carousel and ground-level trampolines. A new water play space with squirters and dumping buckets will also provide the perfect place for young children to cool off in the warmer months.

The playground also includes an accessible riverbed crossing, water pump, sand digger, picnic tables and bench seating, a climbing net fort and slide, sandpit, nest swing and voice tubes. A riding track will weave around and between the various play elements, providing a safe space for young children to learn to ride.

An outdoor gym equipment for adults is accessible, while trees and landscaping will provide shade and environmental benefits. The park was upgraded as part of the transformation of Fairfield Showground. 

The construction of the new Fairfield Showground Pavilion commenced in February and was officially opened in May 2022. 

The new grandstand contains community meeting rooms, corporate box rooms for sporting events, change rooms and a multipurpose room honouring General Manager, Alan Young. 

Enquiries: Fairfield Showground 9725 2333 


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