Fairfield City Centre

Photo collage of Fairfield Town Centre

The Fairfield City Centre is located upon the traditional lands of the Cabrogal people of the Darug Nation.

Fairfield is located 32km south-west of the Sydney CBD and has the largest concentration of commercial office, retail and community services in the Fairfield local government area. The Fairfield City Centre is the heart of the City, being one of the most culturally diverse cities in Australia.

The cosmopolitan Centre is bustling with local shoppers along its main street and ‘bazaar’ style retail shops during the daytime. The Centre is anchored by the commuters accessing the rail and bus services at the Fairfield railway station and bus interchange during peak times, with evenings on the weekends thriving from a myriad of wedding celebrations throughout its various function centres.

The retail focus of the Centre is driven by a local market that is focused on the intersection of Smart and Ware streets, with shopping malls to the north (Fairfield Forum built in 1982 and shifting the focus away from Ware Street) and centrally located (Neeta City opened in 1990) with a low rise commercial tower (Fairfield Chase).

The Centre is a great place to explore on foot, thanks to its interlinked streets, laneways and shopping arcades. Prospect Creek runs in a north-south direction along the eastern side of the City Centre.

The local community values public gathering and interaction, which is evident by the elderly men playing chess on Kenyon street, popular cafes and coffee shops, younger people passing through The Crescent Plaza, and the community facilities providing an enjoyable and safe meeting place for young people and others accessing the well-used library. The Centre plays host to the annual Culinary Carnival food festival in May/June, attracting approximately 5,000 visitors to the centre.


1/29 Court Road, Fairfield NSW 2165