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A Planning Proposal is being publicly exhibited to amend the current planning provisions of the Fairfield Local Environmental Plan 2013 (Fairfield LEP 2013) applying land at 896-898 Woodville Road and 15 Hilwa Street, Villawood. 

Council at its meeting held on 26 September 2023 resolved to publicly exhibit a Planning Proposal in accordance with the NSW Department of Planning & Environment Gateway Determination.

Included with the Gateway Determination, the Minister has also delegated his plan making powers to Fairfield City Council to exercise delegation in the making of this Planning Proposal under Section 3.36 of the EP& A Act 1979.

Land Affected:

869-898 Woodville Road and 15 Hilwa Street Villawood

  • Lot 3 DP 208677,
  • Lot 100 DP 1070965,
  • Lot A DP 418889,
  • Lot 1 DP 217764,
  • Lot 13 DP 220348

Aim of Proposal:   

Amend the Minimum Site Area map by:

  • changing the existing 4,000m2 MSA provision to apply to 896 Woodville Road, 898 Woodville Road, and 15 Hilwa Street.
  • Applying a new MSA provision of 1,300m2 to 896A Woodville Road


  • 898 Woodville Road (Lot 1 DP 217764) from R4 High Density Residential to E1 Local Centre.
  • 15 Hilwa Street (Lot 13 DP 220348) from part R4 High Density Residential and part RE1 Public Recreation to E1 Local Centre.
  • part of 896 Woodville Road (Part Lot 3 DP 208677) from RE1 Public Recreation to E1 Local Centre.
  • Increase the height of building to apply to 15 Hilwa Street and 898 Woodville Road height from 9 metres to 27 metres,
  • Remove the current floor space ratio controls from 15 Hilwa Street and 898 Woodville Road to align with the E1 Local Centre controls.
  • Expand the Villawood Town Centre Precinct Map to include 898 Woodville Road and 15 Hilwa Street Villawood.
  • Remove the land acquisition provision applying to 896 Woodville Road.


  • ABA Square Pty Ltd


  • Daniel McNamara – dmps Consultants

The Planning Proposal is on exhibition until 15 December 2023 inclusive. 

How to make a submission – Should you wish to make a submission on the Planning Proposal and associated documentation you may email it to Alternatively, you may choose to mail a submission to Fairfield City Council at PO Box 21, NSW 1860.

Should you email your submission please reference the subject heading as “Submission - 896-898 Woodville Road and 15 Hilwa Street, Villawood”. For all submissions please address the submission to the attention of “Strategic Land Use Planner – Amanda Seraglio” and reference 19/04955. 

Should you wish to view the Planning Proposal in person you may do so at Councils Administration Centre located at 86 Avoca Road, Wakeley Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm. Exhibition closes on 15 December 2023.


Confidentiality of Submissions – Any submissions made to Council are publicly accessible under the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. The content of your submission will not be kept confidential, however you may request for your name and address to be kept private and censored from any future publications.

Disclosure of Political Donations and Gifts – If you intend to make a submission you may be affected by the requirements of s147 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. Please refer to Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement(PDF, 150KB) or phone 9725 0222 for further information on the requirements to disclose political donations and gifts to Councillors and/or Council employees.