Dog Off-Leash Areas

Fairfield City offers residents four dog off-leash areas:  

Dog_park_Sign_Canley_Vale.jpg    Dog_park_Sign_Wakeley.jpg    Dog_park_Sign_Wilson_park_jb.jpg    Dog_park_Sign_Mt_Pritchard_jb_1.png

From left to right: Canley Vale off Railway Parade near Stuart Street, King Park in Wakeley, Wilson Park in Bonnyrigg Heights and Prout Park in Mt Pritchard.    

When using the off-leash areas please ensure:

  • Your dog is under the effective control of a competent person (maximum 4 dogs allowed per person).
  • Your dog will return to you when called.
  • Your dog is not a nuisance to other dogs or their owners.

Dogs declared menacing, dangerous or a restricted breed, are prohibited in off-leash areas. Owners are liable under legislation if their dog attacks a person or animal.

Dogs must be on a lead when outside this area.

Please leave your dog droppings in the bins provided and close the gate properly when entering or leaving the off-leash enclosures.

No Smoking and No Alcohol is permitted in Council Parks.

For enquiries or to report damage please call 9725 0222.