Invitations to the Mayor

Mayor Frank Carbone giving a speech with the Australian flag visible in the background

Are you holding an event that you would like the Mayor or another representative to attend?

The Mayor of Fairfield City welcomes invitations to attend community events and functions.

These guidelines are designed to help you when inviting the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors to an event in their official capacity as elected representative.

Protocol for invitations

If you would like to invite the Mayor to formally open an event, welcome guests, present an award or attend as a special guest, please complete the online Mayoral invitation form. Please provide at least two week’s notice. If the Mayor cannot accept an invitation, he may nominate the Deputy Mayor or a Councillor to attend in his place.

Invite the Mayor

Forms of Address at events

When introducing the Mayor, please refer to him as:
‘Mayor of Fairfield City, Frank Carbone’.

After the initial introduction, the Mayor may be referred to and directly addressed as:
‘Mayor Carbone’ or ‘Mr Mayor’.

The Deputy Mayor should be referred to as:
Deputy Mayor (first name last name) or Deputy Mayor (last name).

Councillors should be referred to as:
Councillor (first name and last name) and/or Councillor (last name).

Promoting your event

If you have received Council funding for your event, please ensure any promotional materials meet the funding requirements. If you have any enquiries regarding Council branding, please contact:

Communications and Marketing Team
Phone: 02 9725 0205