Fairfield Local Planning Panel (FLPP)

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The Fairfield Local Planning Panel (FLPP) comprises of three independent expert members and a community member who assess and determine development applications made to Council.

In August 2017, the State Government introduced changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 making Local Planning Panels mandatory for all Councils in Sydney and Wollongong to determine development applications on behalf of Council. The criteria for development applications that are referred to the Fairfield Local Planning Panel has been set by the Minister for Planning.

The following types of Development Applications (DA) are referred to the Fairfield Local Planning Panel for determination:

  • Development where the applicant or land owner is the Council, a Councillor, a member of staff principally involved in the exercise of Council’s functions under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, a member of Parliament or a relative of a person referred to above;

  • Development Applications receiving 10 or more unique submissions by way of objection;

  • Development Applications accompanied by a Voluntary Planning Agreement;

  • Development Applications seeking greater than 10% departure from a development standard;

  • Development Applications comprising the following development:
    • Development where State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) 65 applies and is four (4) storeys or more;
    • Demolition of a heritage item;
    • Development for new licensed premises, sex industry or restricted premises; and
    • Designated developments.

Modification Applications that meet the above criteria may also be referred to the Fairfield Local Planning Panel for determination.

The function of Fairfield Council’s Local Planning Panel is to determine Development Applications in accordance with the development criteria as set by the Minister for Planning and to advise on planning proposals. The purpose of the Fairfield Local Planning Panel is to ensure transparency, integrity and accountability in the development assessment process and to facilitate community engagement by providing an independent hearing forum for members of the public, objectors and applicants to present their views and discuss concerns with regards to a development.

The following link provides further information with respect to the Local Planning Panel:
Local Planning Panel – Statutory rules


Fairfield Local Planning Panel meetings are held on a monthly basis as required, at Council's Administration Centre, 86 Avoca Road, Wakeley.

The next Fairfield Local Planning Panel Meeting - TBA

Should you require additional information, please contact Council’s Customer Service Team on 9725 0222.