Lost Animals

Is your pet lost, hurt or stolen?

If your pet disappears you have a much greater chance of its return if it is microchipped and registered. If your pet is found and is microchipped, our Rangers will contact you and deliver your pet home. If you cannot be contacted for any reason, your pet will be impounded and taken to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.

Scroll down to see the most recent lost and found animals at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.

You can also see the most recent lost and found animals on the Fairfield City Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.

If your dog or cat is missing and you would like to contact Council, you can call us on 9725 0222 to check whether it has been impounded or call the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home on 9587 9611. You should also contact your local vet to see whether your pet has been handed in.

What should you do if you find a dog?

  • Check for an identification tag. If the animal is wearing a name tag, phone the owner; or
  • Take it to your local vet; or
  • Contact Council to have the animal collected and scanned to see whether it has a microchip
  • Ask around the neighbourhood to see if anyone has lost their dog
  • You may also take the animal to the pound at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
  • If you can’t find the owner within a reasonable amount of time, you are required by law to contact Council or take the animal to the pound. Keep in mind that people who have lost their animal will check the pound. Failure to do so can incur a fine.