Gambling Harm

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Risks of gambling

Harm from gambling isn’t just about losing money. Gambling can affect self-esteem, relationships, physical and mental health, work performance and social life. It can harm not only the person who gambles but also family, friends, workplaces and communities.

While websites and apps for some types of gambling are legal in NSW and Australia, it can still be easy to lose track and lose more than you can afford.

Click here to learn about the risks of online gambling and how you can stay safe.

Download the risks when gambling online translated in Traditional Chinese(PDF, 216KB).  

Responsible Gambling Community of Practice Facilitation Project

Fairfield City Council through its Responsible Gambling Community of Practice Facilitation Project and the Pay to Play project and in partnership with local young people have developed educational films. Both projects were funded by the NSW Government . The films were developed through a Community Cultural Development Process where experienced arts facilitator organisation CuriousWorks worked with local young people to produce films. 

Screenshot of the Responsible Gambling Community of Practice Facilitation Project film

Click here to watch the "Responsible Gambling Community of Practice Facilitation Project" film

Addiction to gambling can cause significant financial harm and personal loss to individuals, families and friends. 

Local performer Kamakazi shares his story.

Screenshot of the Let's Talk Gambling film

Click here to watch the "Let's Talk Gambling" film

These two educational video’s have been developed to raise awareness of the harmful impacts of gambling. The videos include real stories, as told by actors.

Screenshot of opening scene of a YouTube video with a man sitting on a white lounge with his head down and arms resting on his legs with hands closed together

Click here to watch the "GambleAware Week Forum" video (Scenario 1)

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Click here to watch the "GambleAware Week Forum" video (Scenario 2)


Gabby's Room Interactive Experience

Gabby’s Room is a reflective, interactive experience that explores some of the negative consequences of gambling. It was created to initiate conversations about gambling and gambling harm with young people.

Screenshot from Gabby's Room Interactive Experience - click here to view the experience

Visit Gabby's Room here

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Understanding online gambling

You can gamble online any time and anywhere - at home, at work, anywhere you have internet really. This can mean that online gambling can be quite risky as there is very easy access to gambling and for some people it can get out of hand quite quickly.

Click here for tips on what to be aware of on online gambling sites.

Sports and race betting

Betting on the races and sporting events has always been popular, but the availability of online gambling makes it easier than ever. The ads are everywhere.
Is having the odd racing bet a sign you have a problem with gambling?
It's important to know where to draw the line between loving the sport and being swept up by betting.

Click here to understand the risks of sports and race betting.

Where to get help

GambleAware Week

GambleAware Week is an annual initiative to increase the awareness of gambling and gambling harm in the NSW community.

It will take place Monday 17 – Sunday 23 October 2022.

GambleAware week is an opportunity to:

  • Increase the community’s understanding of risky gambling behaviour
  • Encourage gamblers to recognise when their gambling may place them at risk of harm
  • Provide information on practical ways to keep their gambling under control and if required, how to get support.

In GambleAware Week 2021, Fairfield City Council held two online forums. The first Tuesday 19 October 2021 for community organisations, providing information on newly funded GambleAware services. The second forum on Thursday 21 October 2021 and was for local residents, providing information on how to prevent gambling relapse after COVID-19 lockdowns.


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Click here to watch the Gamble Aware Week video

Screenshot of YouTube video of the 'Let's Talk Gambling' forum video

Click here to watch the Gamble Aware Week video