Rules for parking trucks in built-up areas

White truck

NSW Road Rules state that a vehicle with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) greater than 4.5 tonnes or a vehicle, that together with any load or projection is 7.5 metres long or longer cannot be parked in a built-up area for longer than one (1) hour unless the vehicles are engaged in loading or unloading activity or some other lawful activity.

Council officers respond to complaints regarding heavy and long vehicles parking in a built-up area. Infringement notices would be issued to drivers who do not comply with the road rules.

Parking concerns on Hassall Street, Wetherill Park

Council has received complaints in regard to heavy vehicles parking on Hassall Street, between Widemere Road and Gipps Road reducing motorists’ visibility when they are exiting from the nearby driveways. While Council officers are investigating options to address the ongoing parking issues in Hassall Street, we welcome your feedback and encourage you to report your concerns and the details of the offenders to us to ensure appropriate enforcement can be undertaken.