Community Safety and Crime Prevention

Strategies and Initiatives

Improving community safety and reducing crime is Council's priority. 

We continually develop projects that address the needs and concerns of local residents. Central to the development and delivery of these projects are the strong partnerships with community, Police, business owners, government and non-government service providers.

Under The Law

'Under The Law' is a 28-minute video that uses storytelling as a way to engage and educate communities about the rights and responsibilities of Australian residents. Complimentary copies of the video in Arabic or Vietnamese can be sent to you by emailing


Everyone has the right to live without violence and abuse; your human rights don't stop when you close your front door. In Australia, police are there to help victims of domestic and family violence. For many people, naming and reporting domestic violence can be a hard decision. 'Family Matters' looks at different views and beliefs that stop people reporting domestic and family violence.


Safety Audit 

A community safety audit is a process of reviewing public spaces and urban areas and making recommendations about how they can be improved to prevent crime and promote community safety.

Download the Safety Audit Fact Sheet(PDF, 275KB).


As part of its strategy for reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in Fairfield City, Council rolled out a CCTV installation program in open spaces in locations across the City.

Domestic and Family Violence

Domestic and family violence is behaviour that is used to control and intimidate. It is an abuse of power that can leave people feeling hurt, trapped, depressed, despaired and/or fearful.

Forms of domestic violence include sexual assault; psychological and emotional abuse; financial abuse; physical violence, intimidation, threats and stalking.

Council provides funding for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention initiatives as part of the Community Development Grants Program. This includes:  

Visit Community Development Grants for more information.

Download a copy of our Fairfield Domestic and Family Violence Service Directory(PDF, 709KB)

Assistance and support is available for people experiencing violence.

Police 000

Committees and Networks

Council actively participates in numerous committees and networks that address issues of Community Safety and Crime Prevention.

Mayor's Crime Prevention Reference Group

The Mayor's Crime Prevention Reference Group is a formal partnership between Council, Police, government agencies, community organisations and local residents to work together to improve community safety and reduce crime in Fairfield City.

Fairfield Domestic Violence Committee

The Fairfield Domestic Violence Committee (FDVC) aims to reduce the local incidence of domestic violence through the development of partnerships and increased coordination of service provision. The Committee has operated for over 25 years.

Fairfield City Council is a member of the FDVC and has a long-standing commitment to reducing domestic violence in the City.

Local Government Community Safety and Crime Prevention Network

Fairfield City Council is a founding member of this NSW state wide network. The Local Government Community Safety and Crime Prevention Network is made up of stakeholders that have an interest in improving community safety and reducing and preventing crime.

Fairfield Community Drug Action Team

Since 1999, Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs) have led thousands of community activities and campaigns to engage and educate at-risk youth, parents and the wider community to curb alcohol-fueled violence and drug use. The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) supports the CDATs through the Community Engagement and Action Program (CEAP) funded by NSW Health ( The Fairfield CDAT was established in 2000 following concerns expressed by the community regarding the drug issues in Cabramatta. The Fairfield CDAT has evolved over time into a group made up of local organisations committed to delivering programs and projects focused on educating, raising awareness and providing information.

Homelessness Interagency

Over the past two years there has been an increase in the reporting of rough sleepers - people sleeping on the streets - in Fairfield City’s streets and parks from residents, business owners and Council staff. Prior to this increase in rough sleepers, Council focused on addressing those ‘at risk’ of homelessness who would be referred to accommodation services. Council co-convenes a joint Homelessness Interagency in Partnership with Liverpool City Council. The Interagency meets monthly and alternates the location from Fairfield to Liverpool. 

For more information on the above networks and committees, please contact Council’s Social Planning and Community Development Team on 9725 0222 or email

Car Security

Fairfield City Council has partnered with The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council over a number of years to help reduce vehicle theft and theft of valuables from vehicles in Fairfield City.

Operation Bounce Back was created as part of the collaboration and a series of videos were developed outlining best car security practice.

If you would like more information about Operation Bounce Back contact Council’s Customer Service team on 9725 0222 or email

Car Security


Fairfield City Council in partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice initiated the Graffiti Paint Out Program focusing on reducing graffiti and vandalism at parks and other public facilities. It is operated through the community service order program.

Residents are encouraged to notify Council of problem graffiti locations via the following:

  • Sign up to VandalTrak and report graffiti online or via the VandalTrak app, available for Apple or Android
  • Or contact Council's Customer Service team on 9725 0222

Download Graffiti and the Law Factsheet(PDF, 280KB)