Environment and Sustainability

series of connected ponds flanked by sandstone, rocks and vegetation

Learn about the importance of water and our waterways. Healthy waterways support the flora and fauna in our City - as well as ourselves!

There’s plenty of resources below to answer all your questions on all things water. Dive in!

Catchment Education Program

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Educating our community about our local catchment ensures that our community understand, support and are able to participate in pro-environmental behaviours, that work towards improving water quality and care for our catchments. Fairfield City catchments are vulnerable to flooding and we also want to ensure that our education program improves the flood preparedness and resilience of our community.

Below are links to the Catchment Education Program developed for teachers and primary students.

For more information or for any questions, please contact our Natural Resource Department on 9725 0222. 

Zero Litter in Georges River

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Rainfall on hard surfaces like footpaths, roofs and roads, runs off into stormwater drains, washing pollution from streets into creeks and rivers. Litter pollution in waterways is poisoning our environment.

A healthy environment is vital for human health, safety and wellbeing. Zero litter in the Georges River means a healthier and safer river for people to enjoy, and the survival of the plants and animals that depend on it. For more information click on the link below.


Our local litter heroes

Lesson Plans 
GREEC & Georges Riverkeeper (google.com)

Screenshot of 'Zero Little in Georges River' YouTube video

Click here to watch the video "Zero Litter in Georges River"

Georges River Keeper

Learn about the river, effects of urbanisation and access valuable resources.

Learn about the river
Learn about the river | Georges Riverkeeper

Learn what a catchment is and make your own catchment model

Native and threatened fauna

Native vegetation 

Interactive maps

Resource library

Useful Links

Flood Maps and Studies

Access maps and studies showing flood affected areas of Fairfield Local Government Catchment Area


Georges River

Education material for schools and teachers


SES School resources


What is the Flood Risk on the Georges River?

About the Georges River

Historical flood photos