Cycling and Trail Dirt Bike Riding

Group of bicyclist riding in a single line on the bike path

Fairfield City offers an extensive network of cycleway and shared paths for cycling.  

Maps for Cycling in the area

The whole system across the City is about 80-90km. The Bay to Mountains also connects to the Rail Trail. The Cowpasture Road shared path connects Elizabeth Drive to The Horsley Drive, which also links to the Bay to Mountains, St Johns Park and the T-Way networks. It is about 8km long. There are also circuit paths in some of Council’s parks, including Brenan Park (Smithfield) and Springfield Park (Old Guildford).

Main Cycling Routes across our City

There are three main regional cycling routes east/west across the City:

  1. Prospect Creek shared path connects to the Holroyd City network and Fairfield Town Centre (about 5km).
  2. Bay to Mountains (Orphan School Creek) shared path connects to Mirambeena Regional Park, Bankstown and to Prospect Reservoir, Blacktown (about 20km).
  3. Council has recently completed stages 1 to 3 of the Cabramatta Creek shared path, which has added to the overall distance of a minor shared path that comes off the Bay to Mountains network in King Park, Wakeley, and connects to Cowpasture Road via St Johns Park (about 7km).

Regional Cycling Routes through our City

There are two regional routes that travel north/south through the City:

  1. Rail Trail cycleway connects Parramatta to Liverpool and links to Prospect Creek and the Bay to Mountains shared path network. This path connects to the Cabramatta Creek shared path when the next stages are completed and is about 7.5km long.
  2. T-Way cycleway connects Parramatta to Liverpool and links to the Bay to Mountains and the St Johns Park shared path networks.

Trail Dirt Bike Riding

Motorised trail dirt bike riding facilities are not provided in Fairfield City because of the impact of noise to surrounding residents and damage to the environment.

Council has placed signs at many sportsfield to encourage residents to report any use of trail bikes to the Police on 131 444.

Local Police value the knowledge of illegal trail bike use as it helps to target this dangerous practice that has resulted in serious injury to the rider.

Fairfield Highway Patrol has issued fines and seized unregistered trail bikes used illegally. Police can also make applications to courts to have these vehicles permanently forfeited.