Local Activities - Town Centres

GambleAware Week Stall in Freedom Plaza October 2022

If you are thinking of holding a minor event, fundraiser, or information stall in our Town Centres you will need to:

Step 1. Check if you are eligible. The following groups are invited to apply:

  • Charity organisations/groups
  • Charitable fundraisers
  • Community organisations
  • Emergency services
  • Government agencies and departments
  • Not-for-profit organisations

Step 2. Select a venue at one of our Town Centres. The following sites are available for local activities:

  • Cabramatta - Freedom Plaza
  • Cabramatta - Dutton Lane Plaza
  • Canley Heights - Town Square (222 Canley Vale Road)
  • Fairfield - The Crescent Plaza 
  • Fairfield - Epoch Plaza 

Step 3. Check that the venue is available by contacting Council's Place Management Team:

  • For Cabramatta or Canley Heights, contact the Cabramatta Place Management Team on 02 9725 0267
  • For Fairfield, contact the Fairfield Place Management Team on 02 9725 0701
  • Council's Place Management Team will contact you about availability and any terms and conditions

Step 4.  Obtain a Local Activity Approval by submitting information no less than 3 weeks before your activity

  • Council is the only authority that can issue Local Activity Approvals under section 68 of the Local Government Act, 1993
  • To assess your application to hold an local activity, Council requires you complete the following Local Activity Approval application:  

Submit a Local Activity application form

What happens next? 

  • You will receive advice about your application  
  • If your application is approved, keep a copy of your Local Activity Approval with you during your event
  • Fairfield Police and Council's Enforcement Officers will be given a copy of your Local Activity Approval as part of the management of Council's Town Centres

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