Corporate Reports

End of Term Report

The End-of-Term Report reports on all stakeholders’ contributions in implementing the 2016-2026 Fairfield City Plan.

This report has been developed around the five themes identified in the City Plan and reports on contributions made by all stakeholders towards delivering the community outcomes.

The report also identifies the progress on indicators in the City Plan.

Annual Report & Financial Statements

Fairfield City Council's Annual Report delivers an informative snapshot of what the City achieved in the financial year. It highlights many of the exciting initiatives, programs and services Council has undertaken. The Annual Report is produced to comply with the Local Government Act 1993 and contains important information. 

We are pleased to present 2022-2023 Annual Report and Council’s Financial Statements, which were audited by Audit Office of NSW, are now publicly available for viewing.

Community Engagement Report

Council prepared and implemented the 2021 Community Engagement Strategy to identify how Council will engage its community to establish if their vision, goals, priorities and aspirations for the future of Fairfield City have changed. The results have been detailed through the 2021 Community Engagement Report which was used to inform the 2022-2032 Fairfield City Plan.