New health and wellbeing precinct

Published on 22 July 2020

Mayor Frank Carbone standing in front of a sign saying FAIRFIELD at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery

Council is working on plans to transform Cabravale Leisure Centre into a specialised health and wellbeing precinct, which will build upon the centre’s existing facilities and services.

It will be a one stop shop for seniors, people with disabilities and people recovering from health conditions in our community, enabling them to access the best facilities and programs, to help them stay fit and healthy. It’s intended that this facility will be expanded into a rehabilitation centre, which may include:

  • a new pool that will allow us to offer more specialised fitness and rehabilitation programs; and
  • the expansion of our gym, which will see improved accessibility and an innovative indoor/outdoor gym space for boot camps and other activities.

Council is currently considering a number of different options for this project, which could cost $15-$20 million. Council will engage with various stakeholders to ensure the centre not only meets today’s expectations, but also the future needs of the community.

Council is maintaining all the traditional leisure centre services and activities that our community values, while building specialised services for all our leisure centres for everyone in our City.

Over the last few years we have been upgrading our Aquatopia water park, and this year we will start building a new wave pool, building on the success of transforming Prairiewood Leisure Centre into a specialised centre for families. As our plans at Cabravale progress, Council will then look at opportunities for Fairfield Leisure Centre.

We are a growing community with growing needs. Our leisure centres are critical to our community. Together, our three leisure centres will be tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community, while still providing everything a community expects from a leisure centre.

 With this proposal, Council has a unique opportunity to create something special for our City and the region. I’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress.

Mayor Carbone at Cabravale Leisure Centre with Water Aerobics class