Council is building a growing network of shared and circuit paths in our local parks. Shared paths are paths for both walkers and bike riders. Use our updated circuit path and outdoor gyms map and head out for a walk around our city.

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  • Bancroft Road Reserve, Bancroft Rd, Abbotsbury
  • Heysen Park, 16C Roony Ave, Abbotsbury
  • Stockdale Park, Stockdale Cres, Abbotsbury



  • Crosio Park, 56A Edensor Rd, Bonnyrigg
  • Echuca Park, 159 N Liverpool Rd, Bonnyrigg
  • Lalich Park, Lalich Ave, Bonnyrigg
  • Sindel Park, 5A Collie Pl, Bonnyrigg
  • Tarlington Reserve, Bonnyrigg


Bonnyrigg Heights

  • Aplin Road Reserve, 5A/7A Tosich Pl, Bonnyrigg Heights 
  • Kinghorne Park, 33 Kinghorne Rd, Bonnyrigg Heights
  • Middlehope Park, 54 Middlehope St, Bonnyrigg Heights
  • Northumberland Park, Middlehope St, Bonnyrigg Heights
  • Wilson Park, 51 Wilson Rd, Bonnyrigg Heights


Bossley Park

  • Aberdeen Park, 198A-198B Mimosa Rd, Bossley Park 
  • Benghazi Park, 5A/5B Alamein Rd, Bossley Park
  • Burramy Park, Bossley Park
  • Coolatai Park, 12 Belfield Rd, Bossley Park
  • Dashmere Street Reserve, Dashmere St, Bossley Park
  • Hope Park, Bossley Park
  • Terone Park, Restwell Rd, Bossley Park
  • Wheller Park, 595 Polding St, Bossley Park 



  • Bolivia Park, 18 Bolivia Park, Cabramatta
  • Cabravale Memorial Park, 151 Railway Parade, Cabramatta
  • Heather King Park, 62C-62J Vale St, Cabramatta
  • McBurney Park, 106 McBurney Rd, Cabramatta 


Cabramatta West

  • Abercrombie Park, 13 Abercrombie St, Cabramatta West
  • Sydney Luker Park, 6-10 Sydney Luker Rd, Cabramatta West


Canley Vale

  • Adams Park, 69 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Vale
  • Equity Park, 11A Equity Pl, Canley Vale
  • Hampton Park, 27-33 Malabar St, Canley Vale
  • Johnston Park, 74-88 Prospect Rd, Canley Vale
  • Prince Street Park, 7 Prince St, Canley Vale


Canley Heights

  • Arbutus Park, 66 Arbutus St, Canley Heights
  • Chisholm Park, St Johns Rd, Canley Heights 



  • Carrawood Park, 86 Waterside Cres, Carramar
  • Oakdene Park, 31 Bland St, Carramar 


Edensor Park

  • Allambie Road Reserve, 80 Coonawarra St, Edensor Park (aka Allambie Park)
  • Bosnjak Park, Edensor Rd, Edensor Park



  • Cawarra Park, 4/5 Cawarra Pl, Fairfield
  • Fairfield Park, 14-20 Lawson St, Fairfield
  • Kinta Park, 50 Churchill St, Fairfield
  • Nelson Park, 29-35 Nelson St, Fairfield


Fairfield East

  • Hamilton Grove Park, 2-10 Jacaranda Ct, Fairfield East
  • Lisbon Park, 124 Lisbon St, Fairfield East
  • Macarthur Park, 1A MacArthur St, Fairfield East


Fairfield Heights

  • Fairfield Heights Park, Camden St, Fairfield Heights
  • Stella Park, Stella St, Fairfield Heights 


Fairfield West

  • Chadwick Park, 28 Chadwick Cres, Fairfield West
  • Dwyer Park, Gurney Cres, Fairfield West
  • Lynesta Park, 4 Lynesta Ave, Fairfield West
  • Tasman Park, 35-55 Tasman Parade, Fairfield West


Greenfield Park

  • Blacksmith Park, 19 Blacksmith St, Greenfield Park
  • Hornet Park, 35-51 Hornet St, Greenfield Park
  • Natchez Park, 50 Sweethaven Rd, Greenfield Park 
  • Wylde Park, 228 Mimosa Rd, Greenfield Park 


Horsley Park

  • Horsley Park Reserve, The Horsley Drive, Horsley Park 



  • Hollywood Park, Hollywood Dr, Lansvale
  • Howard Park, Howard St, Lansvale
  • Rowley Park, Hollywood Dr, Lansvale


Mount Pritchard

  • Crayford Park, 6-8 Crayford Cres, Mount Pritchard
  • Fiona Park, 2 Fiona St, Mount Pritchard
  • Prout Park, 37-57 Oliphant Street, Mount Pritchard


Old Guildford

  • Springfield Park, 86-88 The Promenade & 22 Junction St, Fairfield East



  • Curran Park, Curran St, Prairiewood
  • Deerbush Park, Prairiewood
  • Dunleavy Park, 16-17 Dunleavy Street, Prairiewood



  • Beaumont Park, 13 Beaumont St, Smithfield
  • Brenan Park, Brenan St, Smithfield
  • Rosford Street Reserve, Smithfield
  • Shamrock Park, 6 Shamrock St, Smithfield


St Johns Park

  • Footscray Park, 36 Essendon St, St Johns Park
  • Hawthorn Park, 24 Hawthorn Park, St Johns Park
  • Homebush Park, 20 Homebush St, St Johns Park
  • Ironside Park, 6/12 Ironside St, St Johns Park
  • GB's Park, 11 Lindum St Pl, St Johns park



  • Koonoona Park, 1 Karella Ave, Villawood 



  • Burns Park, 18-20 Kembla St, Wakeley
  • Innisfail Park, 2-20 Innisfail Rd, Wakeley 


Wetherill Park

  • Emerson Park, 22 Emerson St, Wetherill Park
  • Haywood Park, 10 Haywood Cl, Wetherill Park
  • Housman Park, Housman St, Wetherill Park
  • Wetherill Park Nature Reserve, 361 Victoria St (access also from Maugham Cres, Wetherill Park 



  • Yennora Park, 97 Fairfield St, Yennora 




Download the Circuit Paths and Outdoor Gym Equipment Map.(PDF, 15MB)

Walking Groups

Did you know the heart foundation holds regular walking groups in our City?

Visit the heart foundation to join a group or start your own local walking group!

Please note: These walking groups are not organised by Council. 

Current walking groups
  • Horsley Park Walking Group
    When: Monday and Wednesday at 8am
    Where: Horsley Park Reserve

    Carmel 0425 270 037

  • Stockland Walking Groups
    When: 8am, days vary 

    Contact: biljana.blagojevic@stockland.com.au

    Where: Food Court, Stockland Shopping Centre

    583 Polding ST, WETHERILL PARK, 2164

    Stockland Wetherill Park | Heart Foundation Walking

  • Fairfield Seniors 50s and Over Heart Foundation Walking Group
    When: Every Friday at 9.30am
    Where: Rear of Fairfield Leisure Centre car park

      Contact: Robert on 0422 933 612