The Hub@Bonnyrigg Dhanawi

external view of the hub@Bonnyrigg
Newly built community centre - The Hub@Bonnyrigg Dhanawi


The new community precinct at Bonnyrigg has recently been completed and will be opening to the public soon. Built as part of a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) between Council and the Land and Housing Corporation through the redevelopment of the Bonnyrigg social housing estate, the new community centre will provide valuable community space for meetings, events and activities for the Bonnyrigg and surrounding communities.

The centre includes a large function space, two large meeting rooms, a commercial kitchen and some smaller informal areas. Bookings will be opening soon and when available can be made through Council’s website at Halls and Community Centres.

external view of the hub @Bonnyrigg
Artist’s impression of the new community centre at Bonnyrigg


Naming of the centre

The centre’s indigenous name in Dharug language is Dhanawi (Darn-a-wee) meaning “meeting place”. All rooms have Dharug names that reflect the elements.  The table below outlines the name, its meaning and which room it is for. 



English translation






Earth is our Mother, from her we are nurtured and provided with food, medicine and healing.

Large hall



Fresh Water

Our waterways are our healing and life force.

Large meeting room with play area




Sun provides us with warm and light. It was the first sunrise when our dreaming began.

Large meeting room





Fire is an extremely important element to our people for food, healing and hunting. We always yarn around a fire.

Meeting room 1




We believe our Ancestors talk to us through the winds. Each breeze brings new teachings and stories.

Meeting room 2



To Grow / Growth



Community Garden



meeting place


Community Centre


Photo Gallery

Below are some photos of the meeting rooms and other facilities in the community centre.


Dyurali - Community Garden

Built as part of the community centre precinct Dyurali will provide a modern community garden for use by local residents. It will be managed by a community organisation who will work with the community to create a dedicated community garden space for residents to gather, share experiences and build social connections and cohesiveness. The garden space will increase the community’s access to fresh and nutritious food and develop skills in gardening, composting and cooking.

Places to Roam program funding

Council recently received funding from the Department of Planning and Environment through the Places to Roam Community Gardens program. The funding will enable Council to invest $75,000 to provide accessible garden beds, an outdoor kitchen space, greenhouse and other garden facilities for the community to use. These works are in progress and are expected to be completed by December 2023.