Dutton Visits Fairfield to Discuss ISIS Resettlement

Published on 03 November 2022

Mayor Frank Carbone, Peter Dutton and Councillors meeting

Today the Hon Peter Dutton MP and Senator the Hon Marise Payne, visited Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone and other local community leaders to listen to their concerns about the impending resettlement of the wives and children of Islamic State fighters.

Mayor Frank Carbone said he welcomed the visit and the opportunity to voice the community concerns directly to the Opposition Leader and Senator Payne; and he has extended an invitation and opportunity to the Prime Minister The Hon Anthony Albanese MP or his representatives, to do the same.

“The Hon Peter Dutton contacted me and asked me to help him listen to and understand the community’s concerns. I am grateful that he and Marise Payne have made the effort to visit us in Fairfield and listen to us,” Mayor Frank Carbone said.

Invited to the meeting were local community leaders, as well as the local state and federal members.

The Mayor facilitated the meeting and discussion, held on Thursday.

“Part of my role as Mayor is to bring the community together and to ensure their voice is heard.

“We are most concerned that this plan to resettle the wives and children of Islamic State Fighters, has been done with no consultation with the people it will affect the most. The announcement has triggered emotions within our community especially.

“Western and South Western Sydney is a welcoming region. We have welcomed and resettled hundreds and thousands of migrants and refugees in our history, and we will continue to do so.

“But this is different. Many of the more recent refugee arrivals to Fairfield were fleeing ISIS and the atrocities inflicted on their families and loved ones. To welcome these people back to Australia, and specifically to this region, is traumatising and offensive to our defence personnel and their families who have lost their lives while fighting against ISIS,” Mayor Carbone said.   

Mayor Frank Carbone, Peter Dutton and Councillors meeting

Mayor Frank Carbone, Peter Dutton and Councillors meeting

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