FCMG June Programs and Events

Published on 17 June 2021

FCMG Exhibition

Fairfield City Museum & Gallery will host a series of art programs this month as an extension to two current exhibitions on show – Travelling Sounds, and Here: After, closing on 19 June and 26 June respectively.

Western Sydney based creative practitioners will come together to produce, develop and present the programs during June, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

“We are so fortunate that our community is home to such a range of cultures, making our creative output unique,” Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said.

“Fairfield City Museum & Gallery has always curated creative and innovative programs that respond to our community’s cultural diversity, offering a unique experience outside of a traditional gallery space.

“If you are after a good dose of culture and creativity I encourage you to explore what the gallery has on offer.”

For more information or to book, head over to FCMG.eventbrite.com.au or contact Fairfield City Museum & Gallery on 9725 0190.

Upcoming Events

Here: After Utopian Writing Workshop with Jazz Money | 15+

Saturday 12 June | 11.30am-1.30pm
A 2-hour intensive creative writing workshop for young people to imagine possibilities for the future.
Jazz Money is an award-winning poet and artist of Wiradjuri heritage working across print, installation, digital interventions and film.
Her work Bub, Listen Up (2021) is currently on display as part of the Here: After exhibition.
Light refreshments provided.
Cost: $8 per person.

Here: After Telling our Futures artist talk

Saturday 12 June | 2.30pm-4.30pm
Join Here: After curator Tian Zhang and exhibiting artists for an afternoon of discussions and reflection. Hear from the artists on how they draw from lived experience and connection to place to speculate on alternate and future realities.
Light refreshments provided.
Cost: Free – registration essential.

Travelling Sounds Behind the Lens | 18+

Saturday 19 June | 6pm-9pm
Travelling Sounds: Behind the Lens is an innovative music and arts based program where three emerging musicians will collaborate with three multidisciplinary creatives and three videographers to create a sensory live music experience.
Cost: $20 per person.

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