It's Time!

Published on 09 November 2022

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone together with Mayor of Liverpool Ned Mannoun, and Mayor of City of Campbelltown George Greiss are eagerly waiting for a reply from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s office to meet and discuss concerns from their communities regarding the recent resettlement of Islamic State fighter families in western Sydney.

Fairfield City Council has become aware that Prime Minister Albanese is attending a dinner in Fairfield City to mark the 50th Anniversary of Gough Whitlam coming into office after 23 years of opposition, at $1,500 per table.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said that given that Prime Minister Albanese is visiting the City for this event, he should take the time to have a conversation with our community about his decision to resettle Islamic State fighter families into western Sydney.

“If it is good enough for the Prime Minister to travel to our community to celebrate Gough Whitlam, it should be good enough for him to come out and talk to our community on such an important issue,” Mayor Carbone said.

“Whilst I know that members of the community would like to support the dinner to recognise Labor giant Gough Whitlam, it’s critical that discussions are also held regarding the recent Syria repatriations with the Prime Minister.

“Gough Whitlam came from this area and was known as a man of the people. During my term as Mayor, Council even named Gough Whitlam Place in his honour. I’m sure that if Gough Whitlam was Prime Minister today, he would be talking to the community affected by this decision.

“It’s Time! that Prime Minister Albanese heard the concerns of the community, and we invite you to have a conversation.”

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