Keep Your Child Safe in the Car

Published on 23 October 2023

baby in car seat

Fairfield City Council is giving residents vouchers for FREE child restraint fittings and checks to ensure we can keep our children safe when we drive.

In Australia, approximately half of all car accident injuries involve children. If your child is properly secured they are much less likely to be injured or killed in a car crash.

The offer is ideal for parents or guardians who have obtained a second-hand car seat and the instructions are missing, or aren’t sure if you have installed it correctly and would like peace of mind. Children up to the age of seven must be secured in a height or age appropriate child safety seat when travelling in a car.

The free voucher entitles you to a child restraint fitting from a local expert authorised restraint fitter. Secure your voucher by contacting Council on 9725 0222.

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