Mayor criticises Victorian Government for COVID-19 red zone listing

Published on 18 January 2021

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Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone has today criticised the Victorian Government for listing Fairfield City as a COVID-19 ‘red zone’, denying entry to Victoria to residents.

“We have not had a single case of COVID-19 in Fairfield City in almost three months. How can Fairfield be listed in the ‘red zone’, yet people from areas with large numbers of cases are allowed to travel to Victoria?” Mayor Carbone said.

“This doesn’t send the right message to our community, who have worked so hard to do the right thing and keep COVID-19 out of our City.

“It’s not just unfair, it’s unfounded and treats Fairfield citizens like second-class citizens.

“It’s not just about people wanting to go on holidays or to visit family, it’s about keeping our businesses thriving. We have one of the largest industrial areas in Australia, with businesses required to travel. Shutting them out of Victoria for no justifiable reason is ludicrous.

“We haven’t had any cases yet we can’t go to Victoria. Yet other areas have had mystery cases just in the past couple of weeks and they are free to travel there.

“I call on the NSW Premier and the Health Minister to speak up and make representations for the people of Fairfield City and those other areas that have no justification for being labelled a ‘red zone’ when they haven’t had cases in months.

“If other areas of Sydney or NSW were being denied entry to Victoria, I would expect our leaders to speak up and defend them. This should be no different.”


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