Tree Removal & Pruning

Do you need a tree removed or pruned?

Trees are protected in Fairfield City, so removing a tree requires council approval. Pruning can also require council approval. To receive council approval you need to apply for a tree work permit.

Below is a step-by-step guide for anyone interested in removing or pruning a tree, including how to get a tree work permit.

Please note: Penalties apply if a tree is damaged or removed without a tree work permit.


Before applying for a tree work permit you should first confirm that removing the tree is the best course of action. Below are a series of steps to consider before deciding on a course of action.

Step 1.Can the problem be fixed with pruning?

Sometimes a problem tree simply needs a bit of a clean up. If this is the case, Fairfield City Council has some helpful tree pruning guidelines for you to download:

Tree pruning guidelines(PDF, 120KB)

Please note that pruning a tree may also require a tree work permit if the tree has a height of over 4 metres or a branch span of over 3 metres. For more information on pruning or removing a tree, contact Council's Tree Preservation Officer on 02 9725 0395.

Step 2.Is the tree interfering with a power line?

Energy companies are responsible for tree pruning around power lines. If you need a tree around a power line trimmed call Sydney Metro Tree Services on 02 9620 2060.

Step 3.Is the tree outside of your property?

If the tree is on public land you can notify Council of the problem and a parks officer will investigate the problem.

If the tree is on a neighbour's land, then you will need to discuss the matter with your neighbour. Council needs the consent of the owner to remove a tree. For more information about this please read our Neighbouring Trees document:

Neighbouring trees(PDF, 283KB)

Step 4.Is the tree on your property?

 Is Council likely to remove your tree?

For more information about the Council's tree removal consideration process you can read our Tree Preservation document:

Tree preservation(PDF, 99KB)
Trees and plumbing(PDF, 232KB)
Biodiversity Offsets Scheme(PDF, 1MB)

Step 5.There are fees associated with submitting a tree work permit

After considering the above points, you may still think a tree work permit is the right course of action. Below is a list of fees associated with a tree work permit:

Inspection fee: $74
Pensioner inspection fee: $38
Review fee (i.e. application is for a Review of Arborist report): $38

Follow the link below to apply for a Tree Work Permit.

Tree Work Permit Application