New green bin service

What is happening?

mayor of fairfield city frank carbone announces the new green FOGO bin coming to fairfield city.png
Click here to watch the official announcement video from Mayor Frank Carbone

Council is introducing a new green bin service for your food and organics waste – for the leftover food from meals and the green waste from your garden.

Your red and yellow bin services are not changing - same size, same collection days.

From early April 2024, the new green bins will be delivered to residents in single unit dwellings including houses, duplexes and townhouses.

Your new bin collection will commence in June 2024. Check the new waste calendar delivered with your bin to find out the week your service will start.

Please look in your letterbox and follow Council’s social media and website for updates as the roll-out occurs.


What is FOGO?

FOGO stands for Food Organics Garden Organics. With FOGO you can place all your food scraps and stale food, including meat and bones, into your green bin along with your garden waste.

The food scraps and garden waste are processed into quality compost that can be used in farms, parks, and gardens instead of going to landfill.

What is FOGO    

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What you need to know

  • There will be no changes to your red and yellow bin services - same size, same collection day
  • Council will provide you with a 240L green bin for your food and garden waste
  • Food and garden waste goes in the green bin
  • You will also get a new 7L caddy which is a small bin to keep in your kitchen
  • Council will provide you with certified compostable liners to use in the kitchen caddy
  • The new green bin collection starts in June 2024.


What can go in the green bin? 



When will FOGO collections start?

Collection services for FOGO will commence from June 2024. Bins will be collected on your normal bin collection day, on the alternate week of your recycling bin.

What is a kitchen caddy?

A kitchen caddy is a small 7L container that Council will provide to you free of charge and is designed to be placed on your kitchen benchtop. This is so you can easily put in food scraps during meal preparation and any leftover scraps when cleaning up after your meal. Once your caddy is full, empty it into your green FOGO bin, put a new liner in your caddy and start collecting food waste again!

Who will be receiving a FOGO bin service?

Single-unit households who pay a Domestic Waste Management Charge, including houses, duplexes, and townhouses will receive a new, green FOGO bin (240L) and kitchen caddy (7L) to collect their food scraps and garden waste. These will be delivered between April and June 2024. Multi-unit dwellings, such as apartments, units, and flats, will not be receiving a FOGO service yet.

Stage 1 of the roll-out includes single-unit households who paya Domestic Waste Management Charge. This includes houses, duplexes, and townhouses. Each eligible dwelling receives a new green FOGO bin (240L) and kitchen caddy (7L) to collect their food scraps and garden waste. These will be delivered between April and June 2024.

Stage 2 of the roll-our includes multi-unit dwellings, such as apartments, units, and flats, with the timing of this roll-out to be confirmed.

Will there be a change to collection days or frequency?

Your current red General Waste bin and yellow Recycling bin collections will not change.

In April 2024, households will start to receive the new green FOGO bin and caddy, as well as a Welcome kit with a collection calendar. Please do not use your new FOGO bin until a week before collections begin in June 2024.

From June 2024, households will continue to put out their red bin every week, yellow bin every fortnight as you do now. The green FOGO bin goes out on the alternate fortnight to the yellow bin. You will receive a handy collection calendar that you can put on your fridge when you receive your green FOGO bin.

Why are we introducing FOGO?

About 40% of all general waste produced by Australian households is food and garden waste. If these organic waste types are placed in the red General Waste bin, they are sent to landfill where they degrade and generate harmful greenhouse gases such as methane (CH4). This means it costs Council more to dispose of your waste, it costs you more in your Domestic Waste Management Charge, and it costs the environment dearly.

Under the NSW Government’s Waste & Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041, all councils must have a FOGO service to significantly reduce the amount of organics entering landfill. Around eighty councils in Australia are already doing FOGO and more in Sydney are looking at coming onboard too.

What are the benefits of FOGO?

Food organics and garden organics are a beneficial resource if collected and processed appropriately.  It extends life of landfills and reduces the greenhouse gas generation at landfills. When FOGO waste is collected separately, it is turned into compost to be used in farms, parks, and sports fields. FOGO will have huge environmental benefits and help maintain our beautiful suburbs, parks, and reserves for everyone to enjoy.

What happens to FOGO once collected?

The contents collected from green-lidded FOGO bins are taken to Cleanaway’s FOGO processing facility at Eastern Creek where the materials are shredded, placed in large piles, and then mixed and aerated regularly. Microorganisms, like bacteria and fungi, are naturally present in this FOGO material which will break down organic material into a nutrient-rich, soil-like substance called compost.

What are compostable bags or liners?

Please use the supplied lime-green compostable liners - DO NOT USE plastic bags for the caddy or in the green bin.

Typically, lime-green compostable bags or liners are made from corn starch and will break down in the composting process just like food scraps do. The certification logo confirms that the bag meets the Australian Standard AS 4736-2006 and can break down in a composting facility. Australian certified compostable liners are labelled with the seedling logo AS4736.

seedling logo AS4736 compostable liner

Fairfield City Council will deliver a pack of lime-green compostable liners to all households each year. If you run out of liners before then, you can order them using the link below or call our Customer Service Centre on 9725 0222. Alternatively, you can wrap your food scraps in newspaper or put them straight into your green FOGO bin.

You may purchase your own liners from stores, but they MUST be lime-green in colour and Australian Standard AS4736 certified labelled with the seedling logo AS4736. Any other coloured bag will be considered contamination and your green FOGO bin will be emptied into landfill and not composted.

Ordinary plastic bags and other types of ‘degradable’ or 'biodegradable' bags are not acceptable as they are not compostable.  Uncertified biodegradable plastic bags will break down into tiny pieces of plastic that are harmful to the environment and our health. For that reason, plastic bags, ‘degradable’ or 'biodegradable' bags are NOT accepted by the FOGO processing facility and must be placed in your red General Waste bin.

Please ONLY use Australian Standard AS 4736-2006 lime-green coloured certified compostable bags liners or newspapers to wrap your food scraps.