About Lunar New Year

Cabramatta Lunar New Year cherry blossoms and red pocket envelopes

Lunar New Year is a significant cultural celebration in many East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

The celebrations commence on the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar. This often falls between late January and early February. Traditionally, it is a special occasion for people to express their respect to their ancestors as well as uniting with beloved family members to welcome the New Year.

Since Lunar New Year has an important role in spiritual beliefs, people dedicate time and effort into their preparations for the event. It is tradition for families to thoroughly cleanse the house in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way for good incoming luck.

Their homes are colourfully decorated with flowers and popular fruits used for offerings at the family ancestral altar. Red and yellow colours are believed to bring good fortune and many streets, houses and businesses are decorated with these happy colours. People also buy new clothes or shoes, especially for children, to wear in the first days of the New Year. Preparations continue as people enjoy cooking, making special holiday foods, settling debts and resolving conflicts with others before the New Year starts.

During Lunar New Year, people will reunite with their families and relatives, catch up with friends, and visit temples. Red envelopes with lucky money are given to the elderly and to children, to wish them a new year full of happiness, good health, success and prosperity. This is a holiday with a distinct traditional culture, that is rich in national identity.