State-first hydrogen plant

Published on 29 July 2020

Artist interpretation of the hydrogen plant in Horsley Park

I was pleased last week to be part of an announcement where the first hydrogen plant of its type in NSW will be built in Horsley Park.

Plant owners Jemena are proposing a trial and investment of $18 million into building a plant that will have the potential to revolutionise the fuel and gas industry.

The proposal is to capture the rays of the sun and the power of the wind and convert water into hydrogen gas.

The existing pipe network located at Horsley Park currently spans across Greater Sydney and provides natural gas for homes and businesses.

If successful, this existing network will be used to distribute the hydrogen gas, which would provide a huge opportunity and change by supplying homes, businesses and fuel for cars in the future.

It is great to see this innovative idea in our City. It would be a huge boost potentially providing a cleaner environment and an unlimited power supply with the opportunity to create new jobs.

The plant is just one of the major projects in our City that are being fast-tracked by the NSW Government. Another is stage 2 of the Horsley Drive Business Park at Wetherill Park. This $100 million project will create 1,000 warehousing and distribution jobs – another great result for our City.

Our City has always been an innovative manufacturing hub that makes amazing products that are then sold across the country and the world. I want our City to continue to be one that is innovative and progressive, providing jobs for local families well into the future.

In these difficult times, we need continued investment into our City to provide many jobs for our residents.

We have 16,245 businesses in our City that employ 21,700 locals to keep our local economy going. As your Mayor, I’m committed to attracting innovative businesses and investment to our City.