Integrated Planning and Reporting

What is the IPR Framework?

The NSW Government developed the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework, which has been designed to encourage councils to plan in partnership with their community for a more sustainable future.

The framework consists of the following planning documents: 

  • 10 year Community Strategic Plan (Fairfield City Plan)
  • 4 year Delivery Program 
  • 1 year Operational Plan
  • Resourcing Strategy consisting of a 10-year Long Term Financial Plan
  • 10 year Asset Management Strategy and 
  • 4 year Workforce Management Strategy

It is also important to note that the framework also requires Council to report in an open and transparent manner to its community to ensure it continues to meet their needs and priorities. 

There are a number of reports developed and these include:

  • Quarterly Report on the Operational Plan
  • Six Monthly Report on the Delivery Program
  • Annual Report and
  • Once every 4 years an End-of-Term Report on the Community Strategic Plan (Fairfield City Plan).

Flow chart explaining the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework. Described under the heading 'What is the IPR Framework?'